By: Karen Schiltz

Supplemental post: Devon’s Birthday and Halloween!
November 17, 2015

Hello Dear Readers! I know this post is a bit dated, as most of you know I have long since left…

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Montana, Idaho and finally…Spokane, Washington!
November 3, 2015

Amber waves of grain, beautiful rolling hills, wild mountain passes and ¬†snowy, jagged ranges out of a dream. These were scenes…

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From Colorado to Wyoming with just one small hitch…….
October 27, 2015

So last night (Monday), just north of Laramie Wyoming on Route 25, my rear passenger tire blew. This after an amazing…

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Made it to Indianapolis last night, on to Kansas today!
October 24, 2015

Last night I got in to this lovely hotel in Indianapolis just after 1 am. What a blessing to be greeted…

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The car is finally packed and I am hitting the road!
October 21, 2015

I am a day late (hopefully not a dollar short) but I am now on my way! I know quite a…

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Getting out of here just in time! :) You’re invited to join me…
October 18, 2015

So, its not yet Halloween and the snow has begun to fly in the Berkshires. I feel vindicated in a way,…

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First Blog Post
October 6, 2015

Testing out the blog and getting ready for my exciting road trip

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