my lovely room

my lovely room

berries on fence picnic table and leaves

Last night I got in to this lovely hotel in Indianapolis just after 1 am. What a blessing to be greeted by such a beautiful room! This is only the second room on the road I have had – yesterday I drove almost 600 miles! I have now driven a total of just over 700 miles and will push through another 600 today to reach Junction City Kansas and see my beloved sister-in-law and nephew.

I have been so struck by the beauty on the sides of the road as I travel along. Our country is truly such a phenomenal source of color and visual interest. I wanted to stop so many times and take so many “photographer’s eye” has been so enchanted and also frustrated by all the beauty there is no opportunity to capture (due to the hazard of pulling off onto the shoulder to take pictures LOL)! After I reach Washington state, this trip will become much more leisurely and then there will be more detailed and beautiful pictures! That is a promise to you, dear readers, and to myself and the photographer I have been since age 8 🙂

I did have this thought as I passed rolling hillsides and bucolic farms and barns, surrounded by bursts of intense Fall color: what is it about the beauty of our surroundings that delights us so much? And how do we sometimes take it so much for granted? These felt like a very deep and spiritual questions to me. The beauty of nature delights even the youngest child, the oldest senior, and even people whose senses are impaired. We recharge when looking at trees, we light up gazing at flowers, we relax around bodies of water and watching the sunset. We travel long distances and make special time to go and be present to this spectacle that nature puts on. National Geographic photographer Dewitt Jones once said “I figure nature is going to keep doing this stuff whether I’m there to see it or not…” – how true that is. Is the way we feel in our moments of appreciation of nature’s beauty a reminder to us that we are part of this breath-taking process of the planetary hum of life? Do we come in standing apart from it, feeling separated, and then feel at once fully connected and integrated into the whole as we partake in this banquet for the senses? Surely this is why we have the power and means to take in all this visual and auditory input. How blessed we are and how we go about the days of our lives – with all this available at all times – forgetting and rushing and worrying about trivial things. There is so much beauty and abundance and artistry all around us. I wondered about all of this as the miles went by in breath-taking

vibrant rushes of color, and I thought about sharing these questions with all of you 🙂

Talk to you again soon –