Hello Dear Readers! I know this post is a bit dated, as most of you know I have long since left Washington and am already in California. Here’s what happened: Firstly, I had to get permission from Devon and Justin to post any pictures of them, and then they needed to scrutinize each one to pick the ones that were ok to have out in the world!

So, for her Dad and Grandma (and of course all of you get to peek into our world too!) here are highlights from my visit. I had two weeks with my daughter. Those of you on Facebook know that when I left, I cried all the way to Oregon 🙂 Although the visit was probably very typical for a mother and a 22 year old daughter, I am very much looking forward to the day when my daughter will again be my best friend. The stay was bittersweet, as was leaving. Such is life. The Halloween costumes (yes, we did go trick-or-treating) are a Sailor-girl for Devon, and a Viking for Justin. I am just some weird ghoul or something.

We did all enjoy seeing the sights of Spokane. It’s an amazing city – I had no idea. There are arches and bridges and falls – this is just a small sample. Spokane takes it’s place as one of the loveliest cities in the Pacific Northwest.

Look for my first California posts coming soon! Thanks to all of you following my trip and helping me feel a little less home-sick!

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DJK under bridgeDJK by FallsDJ costumes DK Halloween DS costume kissy KS by falls KS falls KS on bridge IMG_1584 FullSizeRender (2)