I am a day late (hopefully not a dollar short) but I am now on my way! I know quite a few of you who will not be AT ALL surprised that I am running late (I need to have fun with this after all!) PHEW!  It has been quite a time getting ready for such a major trip. Animals, men, photography clients and house now seem to be set to be left for two months. I will certainly miss everyone and everything, EXCEPT the snow and ice, of course! Have I mentioned how much I will NOT miss that?! (oh, yes, many times….)

So off I go! Being that it is fairly late in the afternoon, my original plan to drive to Cleveland tonight is probably not wise. However, we’ll see how far I CAN get! I will update when I get somewhere of note 🙂

…and Car for blogAWWWWWWAY we go!